Personalized Learning Introduction

Why “personalize” learning?

1. Personalized learning empowers all learners to become active global citizens of high character.
2. Providing learners with choice and voice is motivational, teaches responsibility, and will positively influence the learner’s social and emotional health.
3. Certified achievement of high academic standards will give the learner greater access to competitive opportunities and personal fulfillment.
4. All students develop the skills, abilities, and knowledge that will prepare them for college, career, and life.

How do we personalize learning?

1. All adults in the school community work to prioritize trusting and caring relationships.
2. Learners have choice and voice in selecting their own learning resources, co-design their learning experiences, and have flexibility in how they demonstrate their proficiency and mastery.
3. Students can progress at their own pace and advance when they demonstrate proficiency or mastery of key content and skills, regardless of the time spent in class or where instruction takes place.
4. Through targeted, timely, and differentiated support, students in need of intervention are as equally supported as those prepared to advance more quickly.
5. Teachers and students are equipped with technology and data to enhance learning and assess student progress; and create flexible learning environments.
6. Learners have 24/7 access to instructional content, feedback relating to their demonstrated level of proficiency/mastery, and the opportunity to move forward and backwards in their course.
7. When equitably implemented with a commitment to continuous improvement, these approaches can support each student to reach high levels of student learning.