Standards Based Grading

What is Standards-Based Grading and Reporting?

Standards-based grading is a method used to assess student proficiency based on their knowledge of a standard. Teachers evaluate student performance and give feedback as students work toward clearly defined learning targets. Students who are not initially proficient are encouraged to retake assessments until they can demonstrate proficiency. A students grade is then based on their level of understanding on the identified standard, in Davis School District this is the DESK standard, for each content area. The primary focus for students and educators is proficiency.

Why Standards-Based Grading?

Students today experience stress and anxiety at higher rates than ever before. Much of this stress comes from uncertainty about how to successfully meet all of the expectations from their teachers. Standards-based grading unifies and simplifies the grading process from teacher to teacher providing a clear direction for students about learning expectations. Students who have participated in classrooms using standards-based grading agree that they overwhelmingly prefer this method to traditional grading practices. Teachers believe that standards-based grading allows them to identify students based on their individual needs and be able to differentiate for students. As teachers transition to standards-based grading, students will begin to recognize their academic growth, build confidence in themselves as a student, and feel empowered to work with teachers to ensure their learning success.


What Is Standards-based Grading?