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Grade Book

The Grade Book is a tool for reporting student mastery of standards throughout the district. The Grade Book report provides clear communication to parents through online access in myDSD and provides a more precise picture of what is being taught in their child’s classroom.


Report Card

The report card is a standards-based report. All standards for the grade level are displayed on the report. Not all skills within the standards are assessed every term, so a dash indicates that particular skill was not assessed during that term. Using a 3 point rubric scale the level of student performance is indicated.

3 = Meets or exceeds grade level standards

2 = Below grade level standards

1 = Far below grade level standards

The attendance is displayed on the report with the following items by term:

Term Membership days: how many days the student was enrolled in the class

Days missed: the number of absences a student has

Arrived Late: how many times a student has been tardy

Left Early: how many times a students was checked out before the end of the school day

Academic Responsibility and Social Responsibility is an area on the report where citizenship is reported.

Elementary Report Card Page 1
Elementary Report Card page 2


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