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Grade Book

The Grade Book is a tool for reporting student mastery of standards throughout the district. The Grade Book report provides clear communication to parents through online access in myDSD and provides a more precise picture of what is being taught in their child’s classroom.

Report Card

Elementary Report Card Page 1



The report card is a standards-based report. All standards for the grade level are displayed on the report. Not all skills within the standards are assessed every term, so a dash indicates that particular skill was not assessed during that term.

Using a 3 point rubric scale the level of student performance is indicated.

3 = Meets or exceeds grade level standards

2 = Below grade level standards

1 = Far below grade level standards










Elementary Report Card Page 2






Academic Responsibility and Social Responsibility is an area on the report where citizenship is reported.


The attendance is displayed on the report with the following items by term:

Term Membership days: how many days the student was enrolled in the class

Days missed: the number of absences a student has

Tardies: how many times a student has arrived late

Left Early: how many times a students was checked out before the end of the school day


Student/Parent Resources

Student Self Tracking

Behavior/Attendance Graph
Behavior/Attendance Tracker
Class Graph Missing Assignments
Class Rubric Graph
Data Tracker
DIBELS Tracking Sheet
Writing Warm Up Quiz Tracker
Gold Medal Miles
Home Reading Minutes
Math Assessments
Missing Assignments
On Time or Tardy
Pre/Post Test Graph
Science Test Scores
Spelling Tests


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