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Report Card

The Grade Book is a tool for reporting student mastery of standards throughout the district. The Grade Book report provides clear communication to parents through online access and provides a more precise picture of what is being taught in their child’s classroom. For the 2019-2020 school year parents and students will receive a traditional report card with averaged scores. Also available will be a standards-based report that will show students' proficiency in each standard for each class.

Report Card

Secondary Report Card


The traditional report card will display each content area with a cumulative grade for each term.

Citizenship is displayed each term with a cumulative code as follows:

H= Honor

G= Good

S= Satisfactory

N= Needs Improving

U= Unsatisfactory

The attendance is displayed on the report with the following items by term:

Absent: the number of days a student has missed per period

Late: how many times a student has been tardy per period








Report Card Secondary Page 2


The standards-based report will display standards for the grade level/content area that has been assessed during the term. Not all skills within the standards are assessed every term, so not all standards will show on the report. Using a 4 point rubric scale the level of student performance is indicated.

4 = Mastery- complete understanding of standard with ability to apply the standard with consistency

3 = Proficient- meaningful understanding of the assessed standard with minor errors

2 = Approaching-emergent understanding of standard with several gaps

1 = Minimal-demonstrates significant gaps in understanding standard

0 = No Evidence- little or no work submitted to show evidence of learning


This is an example of what language arts standards in this report would look like.

Student/Parent Resources

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Teacher Resources

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